What is Tight Modern?

Tight Modern is the world’s smallest temporary pop-up gallery; an 8ft x 5ft miniature replica of the iconic Tate Modern, showcasing the UK’s best talented artists on the margins. Webring new art to new audiences and take new artists to established art galleries.  It has enabled hundreds of the UK’s best under-represented artists who face extreme barriers due to mental health, disability, identity, health or social circumstance to get their artwork seen by up to 134,000 people.  Tight Modern artists have gone on to build successful careers, exhibiting widely and speaking of the Tight Modern as the catalyst.

For 2018/19, Tight Modern is being redeveloped as part of a larger visual arts revamp.

Creative Future

Founded in 2007, we provide training, mentoring and the chance to publish or exhibit to talented people who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, identity or other social circumstance. View our website here

We also run an annual programme of workshops and courses throughout the South East for writers and artists at all levels of experience and ability.