A miniature replica of the iconic Tate Modern,
showcasing the UK’s best under-represented artists.

This year’s miniature replica will digitally project the artwork of 15 under-represented artists—10 winners from last year’s tour plus 4 ‘wild card’ artists picked by Creative Future from the Tight Modern 2016/17 exhibitors.


Artist Workshops

We’re running art workshops at Redbridge Central Library in January. Starting from the essential technique of drawings in which we depict an image by making lines on paper, ending in a complex drawing collage. This will be a fun session for beginners to intermediate: experimenting with the many possibilities to create a complex drawing.

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Crowdfunding success

A special thank you to everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign, which raised an amazing £1,580! Your generous donations will support the Tight Modern Winners’ Tour, and ensure we can provide our winning artists with high quality professional development prizes.

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Tight Modern Winners’ Tour a national showcase of 15 under-represented artists facing barriers of mental health, disability or identity, will tour from December 2017 to February 2018 to:


  • Jubilee Library, Brighton: 8 December 2017 – 3 January 2018 (closed over Christmas and New Year)
  • Redbridge Central Library, Ilford: 5 January – 18 January 2018
  • Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth: 20 January – 31 January 2018
  • MK Gallery, Milton Keynes: 2 February – 24 February 2018

Very special thanks to everyone who supported and shared our crowdfunding campaign—which raised an amazing £1,530 to support the artists and the tour:

Catherine Aguilar, Holly Ainley, Phil Baird, Vanessa Bara, Vic Borrill, David Burgess, Joanne Bushnell, Colin Campbell, Veronica Clark, Andrew Comben, Teresa Denardo, Pauline Farrell, Lisa Finch, Patricia Flavell, Nicola Gregory, Alex Haslam, Marcus Haslam, Christopher Hibberd, Anna King, Gail Kinman, Ian Mackenzie, Adrian Morris Bekhedda, Patrick Morrison, Emily Oliver, Mairead O'Rourke, Kathy Patterson, Luc(e) Raesmith, Kathy Rowland, Sara Scott, Jane Smith, Bridget Strevens, Anna Taylor, Goyle Weir, Julie Wood, Chris Young, Simon Mortimer

…and 8 donors who wished to remain anonymous.

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