Tight Modern Winners' Tour 2017-18

Banner image displaying images from the 2017 - 2018 Tight Modern winners' tour

Showcasing 15 under-represented artists, for the first time in a digital format, presenting work from ten of last year’s prize winners plus selected guest artists from previous tours.


A model of the Tight Modern mounted on a plinth projected the artwork on to a framed screen—taking the artists figuratively out of the Tight Modern and into the four national venues.

Tight Modern plinth

This ‘best of the best’ exhibition toured to Jubilee Library (Brighton), Redbridge Central Library (Ilford), Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth) and MK Gallery (Milton Keynes).

Curators’ Choice Prizes

1st Prize - Dawn Blake: ‘Detritus Series 2’
2nd Prize – Anne Windsor: ‘We All Need Imagination’
3rd Prize – Pat Gregson: ‘Landscape on the Downs’

Public Vote Prizes

1st Prize – Elle Isolde: ‘They Knew Where The Witches Were’
2nd Prize – Danika McElroy: ‘Depression, You Nearly Killed Me’
3rd Prize – Pat Gregson: ‘Landscape on the Downs’

The public (and arts industry professionals) chose their top three artists, who were awarded a range of cash and development prizes—including being part of a group exhibition at Aspex Gallery in 2019.

Very special thanks to everyone who supported and shared our crowdfunding campaign—which raised an amazing £1,530 to support the artists and the tour:

Catherine Aguilar, Holly Ainley, Phil Baird, Vanessa Bara, Vic Borrill, David Burgess, Joanne Bushnell, Colin Campbell, Veronica Clark, Andrew Comben, Teresa Denardo, Pauline Farrell, Lisa Finch, Patricia Flavell, Nicola Gregory, Alex Haslam, Marcus Haslam, Christopher Hibberd, Anna King, Gail Kinman, Ian Mackenzie, Adrian Morris Bekhedda, Patrick Morrison, Emily Oliver, Mairead O'Rourke, Kathy Patterson, Luc(e) Raesmith, Kathy Rowland, Sara Scott, Jane Smith, Bridget Strevens, Anna Taylor, Goyle Weir, Julie Wood, Chris Young, Simon Mortimer

…and 8 donors who wished to remain anonymous.