Judging Panel and Competition Criteria

The Judges Panel

Jo Bushnell - Aspex Gallery Director

Aspex supports emerging artist through an inclusive programme of exhibitions and off-site projects located in historic buildings in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

Cara Courage – Network Manager CVAN SE (Contemporary Visual Art Network, SE)

CVAN represents and supports a diverse and vibrant visual arts ecology, embracing a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice across the south east.

Jake Spicer - Artist & workshop tutor

Jake Spicer is a painter, author and drawing tutor. He has published instructional drawing books ‘DRAW’ AND ‘Life Drawing in 15 Minutes’.

Dominique De-Light       Creative Future Director

Dominique De-Light is a published writer and one of the founding Directors of Creative Future.

Maria Kuipers - Artist & previous Tight Modern exhibitor.

Maria Kuipers has been working as a mixed media artist for 27 years. She received several funding awards from South East Arts England and recently won a prize from Georgia Museum of Art, US, for her painting ‘Red Crucifixion’.

Tim Andrews – Artist

Involved in the photographic project ‘OVER THE HILL: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY’, June 2016

Plus a previous Tight Modern exhibitor


A quality criteria is used to score all artwork entered for submission

Aesthetic/beauty/ composition

  1. Repeating shapes, patterns, and symmetry.
  2. Colours, do they enhance each other or are purposefully destructive.
  3. Textures - visual and physical (like thick, impasto paint, collages or textured medium).

Technique and Skill

  1. Is the work consistent? If not does the inconsistency appears intentional?
  2. Do any odd marks or other destructions appear as part of the art work and are intentional?
  3. Are the materials/medium used supporting the artistic expression?

Inherent meaning/intrinsic Value

  1. Is the work a reference to some other art work, possibly providing a fresh perspective or continuing a conversation that another artist began?
  2. Does the work evokes a specific emotion, or tells a story?
  3. Does the work deal with more intangible human issues without losing aesthetic and technical values?

Uniqueness / Originality

  1. Consider all aspects such as composition, material and medium, technique and inherent meaning.
  2. Does the artwork and its subject is approached from a new or interesting perspective?
  3. Is the way artist medium and material is used surprising or unusual?