Support the Work of Creative Future

Creative Future provide enormous and valued support to talented people who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, identity or other social circumstance.

We’re a bridge from the margins to the mainstream. Through training, exhibitions and publications, socially excluded people learn to harness their creative talents. Encouraging artistic excellence and professionalism, participants gain confidence, skills and get their work ‘out there’.

We’re a charity that gets results. Participants get exhibited, published and earn income. Many go onto further education, volunteering or employment. Stereotypes of under-represented people’s potential are challenged. Participants redefine themselves as people with talent rather than people with problems.

We’d be very grateful for any support you can give:
• £10 will buy a frame for the Tight Modern
• £20 gives an artist/writer who lacks opportunities a workshop place
• £50 gives an artist/writer who lacks opportunities 1:1 mentoring from a professional
• £100 provides a creative workshop
• £500 provides a national showcase prize for a talented underrepresented artist/writer

You can also support us by text message—text CRFU10£+the amount you’d like to donate to 70070

100% of donations come to us and 100% directly supports our charitable work.

There’s no charge for the text message. You’ll receive a confirmation and the opportunity to add 25% Gift Aid at no extra cost to you.


We’d be very grateful for any support you can give.